5 million homeless animals. One quest for change.

Working together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these dogs, cats and help to create a brighter future for all animals.

Together for animal life: rescue and protection in action.

Our mission is to rescue animal's and your donation means a lot

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Are you a pet lover? Find out how to save animals.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help us with our animal rescue mission.

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Sponsor an animal and make changes in their life.

Checkout the beautiful love story between an animal and the owner.

Fundraising Campaigns

Donate to help the animals with their Shelter, vaccination, food.

Foster Programs

Adopt a pet and make a difference in their life.

make a donation to save men's best friend

Because of your donations our loyal friends find home and shelter. Make s donation today!


Sponsor Charlie and donate to get him, vaccination, food and shelter.


Lucy needs your support so she would not end up on the streets.


Max found a home with a great family because of your love and support.


Daisy is thanking you for your donations and contributions .


Cooper has so much love to give and you are his hope. He loves you all.


Your donations will help get the medical attaention it needs.


Tucker found a great home and family thanks to you and your support.


Piper went through a lot of struggle but is a happy dog now.

A friendship beyond paws: the love story between Rufus and Sophia.

Rufus was always there to greet Sophia after school with a wagging tail and a slobbery kiss. They would play fetch in the park, snuggle up together to watch movies, and even sleep in the same bed. Rufus was Sophia's loyal companion and best friend.

One day, Sophia got sick and had to stay in bed all day. Rufus knew something was wrong and refused to leave her side. He curled up on Sophia’s bed, keeping her warm and comforting her with his soft fur and gentle whimpers. Rufus’s presence made Sophia feel better, and she knew that he was there for her no matter what.

Sucess Stories

Together, we make a difference.

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Transforming lives with your donation: help rescue dogs and cats today!

Are you an animal lover who wants to make a difference in the lives of pets in need? Donate us today to provide food, shelter and vaccination for them.

Help to rescue orphans

Make a difference in animals life by making a dominion today to rescue our best friends.


Checkout our donators testimonials. Share your story with us!

Donation to the wellbeing of an animal is not just for the animal but also fulfills you for making a difference in the world.

Knowing that my contribution would go towards helping animals in need made me feel like I was making a difference in the world.
George. M
Real Estate agent
The staff at Animella were incredibly grateful for my donation, and they showed me firsthand how they were using the funds to provide food, medical care, and shelter for the animals. It was heartwarming to see the impact that my donation was making in the lives of these pets.
Marcus A.
I would definitely recommend donating to Animella to anyone who cares about animals. It's a simple yet powerful way to give back and make a positive impact on the lives of furry friends in need.
Stacy L.
Interior Designer

With us, an animal stops just surviving and starts really living!

The animal are our best friends and they deserve a good life. Make a donation today!

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You can also fund an entire project.

Sponsor a project to save animals so they stay healthy.


7 Days

Help ADOPT prevent and control efficiently deadly diseases in a shelter with 600 dogs.

Cost of the project: $4000


14 Days


Spot on treatments keep fleas and ticks (and all the diseases they carry) away from our dogs.


Cost of the project: $4000

Sponsor a

30 Days


The small shelter, nominated several times the best shelter in Romania had no constant.


Cost of the project: $6323

Help Animella put a stop to animal cruelty.