Lap Band Aftercare & Adjustments


Lap Band Aftercare & Adjustments

Glendale, California

Lap Band aftercare and adjustment are critical to the success of your weight-loss surgery, and Dr. Muafyan has significant expertise in helping men and women from Glendale, CA, and throughout the Los Angeles metro area get the care they need to stay on track with their weight-loss goals.

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What kinds of adjustments will I need to make after Lap Band® surgery?

For the first few weeks after surgery, you'll need to adhere to a liquid diet including soups, shakes, and other liquid foods to help your stomach adjust and avoid heartburn and vomiting. Over time, very small portions of other foods will be added. Carbonated beverages like sodas and products with caffeine will need to be avoided for the first few months, and ideally, spicy foods, fried foods, and alcohol should be avoided indefinitely to avoid upset stomach and other possible side effects. In most cases, you'll be able to go back to work and return to your regular activities within one to three weeks after your procedure.

What is the band adjustment procedure like?

Band adjustment is very simple and can be performed in just a few minutes right in the office without any type of surgery. Saline solution is injected or removed via the opening of the port that is implanted in your stomach. Adjustments are usually made on a regular basis as your weight loss journey progresses to ensure optimal results. Regular office visits also ensure the band is working properly as well as providing an opportunity to ask questions about your care.

What if I have to have the band removed?

The band removal process is generally a simple procedure which can also be performed laparoscopically. Because it doesn't alter your stomach or small intestine, recovery following removal of the band is typically quick.

What steps can I take to get the best results possible following placement of the band?

Follow the guidelines provided to you regarding your diet and other lifestyle habits and see the doctor on a regular basis for ongoing evaluations and adjustments. Joining a support group is also an important option to consider, especially during the initial months following surgery.

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