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Dr. Mutafyan has extensive experience performing laparoscopic gastric banding or "lap band" surgery for optimal, long-term results and faster healing in men and women from Glendale, CA, and throughout the Greater Los Angeles region.

lap band Los Angeles

What is lap band surgery?

“Lap Band®” is actually a proprietary name for a gastric banding system. Gastric banding is a weight-loss procedure that uses a hollow silicone ring-shaped tube, or band, that slips over the stomach. The band can be adjusted over time to restrict the size of the stomach, helping patients feel full faster so they consume less food and fewer calories. Adjustments can be made without surgery using a special portal implanted beneath the skin of the abdomen.

How is lap band surgery performed?

The surgery uses a minimally-invasive technique involving small incisions for a decreased risk of side effects and faster recovery and healing. During the procedure, the silicone band is placed around the lower portion of your stomach. When the tube is filled with saline solution, it tightens around the lower portion like a belt, keeping food in the smaller upper portion. The tube is attached to a small device or port which is implanted in your abdominal space. The size of the band – and the size of the stomach pouch – can be adjusted by injecting saline into the port to make the stomach smaller or by extracting saline to make the stomach larger.

Lap Band Los Angeles

What benefits does gastric banding offer compared to other weight-loss surgery techniques?

Gastric banding does not remove any portion of the stomach, nor does it alter the sphincters (openings) between the stomach and the small intestine. In fact, it's completely reversible, which means if you change your mind about having the band in place, you can have it removed during a simple procedure. The band is also adjustable over time as your needs change, and because it doesn't involve removing or altering any structures or organs, it has a relatively low risk of complications and recovery and healing are much faster.

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